Post delegates’ conference meetings

As a result of low turnout of delegates from central region, central region coordinators meeting was held on Monday 12th July 2010 to address this matter. It had been witnessed that delegates from the above region were few in numbers compared to the rest of other regions. They cited facilitation constraints for coordinators, lack of commitment, ineffective monitoring and evaluations as factors that could have led to this. They pledged to monitor and evaluate all coordinators in the central region, checking on dual membership and intensification of mobilization mechanisms. Following this, many capacity building meetings have been organized to mentor and broaden understanding of PPP members about leadership and democracy. This has mainly targeted the youth in the party including myself. This has enabled the youth as well other members in the party to understand and appreciate the adopted political system in the country, creating tolerance of varying views and understanding the party operations deeper. These workshops are funded by Friedrich Ebert stiftung (FES) and deepening democracy program (DDP).    From 24th -25th September 2010 peoples progressive party embarked on  capacity building workshops in the district of Gulu in northern Uganda particularly in the areas of Acholi and Lango sub regions seeking views from party members about the draft policy  brief prepared by the party. The draft policy indicated how the party will provide services to the people and run the affairs of the country if it had been selected in power, the policy also indicated the party views, ideals, objectives mission and ideology. This gave party members the perfect opportunity to discuss and share the views about the draft policy.