The launch of the citizen’s manifesto

On Friday 15th October 2010, I was invited to attend the launch of the citizen’s manifesto for 2011, at Hotel Africana Kampala. Uganda had for some time lacked a collective idea to rally around and the citizen’s manifesto was a modest step in that direction.  In brief the citizen manifesto articulated a citizen’s developed vision for the country, under scoring some interests, which every Ugandan political party and other actors that love this country should work towards and protect.  It also identified national values that should shape our governance and development process.  It also articulates ten development concerns that preoccupies the life of the average Ugandan and made some suggestions on what should be done. The citizens’ manifesto made important demands in politics, society, economy and policy.  Ugandans from all walks of the life who are shaping the struggle for the Uganda they aspire for attended the launch.