The national convention on democratic governance in Uganda

On the 13th and 14th of January 2011 respectively, I attended the National convention on democratic governance in Uganda organized by the human rights Network – Uganda (HURINET-U), with the support from cross cultural foundation Uganda and the human rights and peace center (HURIPEC) where more than 200 hundred Ugandans gathered to participate in this convention on peace, democracy and good governance in Uganda. Held at Makerere university main hall, the convention was aimed at providing a forum for the country’s different stake holders to debate issues of citizenship, political participation and voice, social exclusion and marginalization and democratization in Uganda among other critical issues. The convention which was motivated by several speakers drawn from the academia, civil society, religious institutions, head of traditional institutions and political leaders also included people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, youth activities, student leaders, civil society of various kinds, and the media among others as participants. Notable among these were Lydia Wanyoto EALA, Dan Mulika former Buganda premier, prof. Gooloba Mutebi, prof. JJ Barya and prof Mumbutya Ndebesa of Makerere university, Christine Natongo Environmental rights activists and Amanya Mushega legal expert among other dignitaries.