COMMUNITY PRACTICE REPORT “Unleashing the potentials of PWDs in the community”

I encourage you to read this report in which you will find rich substance to inspire and challenge you to think firmly on the state of PWDs in our country and how you too can play a role in making Uganda a better place for PWDs to live in. Sometimes, it falls on a generation to be great and without a shadow of doubt; PWDs can be that generation once society realizes the need to change our attitudes towards them in the community. Indeed it’s also a statement to everyone who still thinks that PWDs can never be a fraction to our society. We have infringed on their right for too long and the time is now that we can take a gigantic stand to this social injustice and that is why I call upon you to read this with open mindedness. Lay down your guards of popularization, prejudice, closed mindedness and fear. Embrace these findings like a mother would her child. You may not entirely agree with everything. And you should not. But, in the least I hope you can appreciate that it’s important for PWDs in your community and the country at large by taking a keen interest in their affairs.

Key observations and findings in this report include:

  • Many parents of CWDs continue to abuse the rights of their disabled children by denying them opportunities to access Education, play and participate actively in community affairs while others lock them up in houses limiting their opportunities to socialize.
  • There is high PWDs dependency ratio in the community because they are not supported to live independent lives.
  • Most of the disabilities come from preventable causes such as women’s failure to access antenatal services during pregnancies, proper health and sanitation in homes and the piercing poverty.
  • Societal disability perception is that which disables PWDs more due to their negative cultural attitudes and practices.
  • PWDS themselves have got low self esteem which is reflected in some of their CDDGs names such as “Abaleme Nseko Gya abomi” and Batara Disabled association literary meaning that PWDs are laughter for the living and they don’t believe in PWDs respectively.
  • CWDs have fewer opportunities to Education and are more likely to drop out of school due to insufficient infrastructures to support them realize their Education potentials .
  • Severe hunger a leading cause of malnutrition in the district which is worsened by poor feeding which is resulting into stunted children with pot berried stomachs and yellowish diminishing hair.

It’s now my pleasure to present to you this community practice report that highlights some of the many activities that I have actively engaged in throughout the six weeks I have been in Kibuku district.

 Kindly, follow the link below for more details about this report: REPORT FOR KAVIRI ALI Doc.


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