Education Should Enable Individuals to Discover Their Purpose in Life

Uganda’s education system is so inadequate, and out-of-date that it does not prepare students to cope with real time life challenges, as it rather places emphasis on fact storage and memorization.

The system turns out people, who are submissive, a guise for discipline rather than inquisitive and innovative individuals.

Students who are inclined to questioning and innovation beyond the scope of the exam are perceived as ‘ill-disciplined’ and their teachers are meant to impart knowledge to the ‘ignorant,’ rather than encouraging creativity. Learning is thus restricted to the classroom, the reason the range of knowledge the emerging graduates of the system exhibit is equally restricted to the classroom environment.

Uganda’s education system does not therefore catalyze individual discovery of purpose in life, the reason many products of this system do not know its benefits and relevance to shaping the ideals they would stand for in life.

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Purpose of Education

Ideally, education should enable an individual to discover his purpose in life, discover why society (especially in Africa) is backward and equip them with the creativity necessary for providing solutions to the challenges facing society.

Education should equip an individual not only with knowledge, the instruments for nation building and enable the individual to understand their obligations for the betterment of their communities. It helps students to identify their roles as individuals, and enables teachers to appreciate their nurturing role of the generation that will determine the future of the country.

Education should therefore equip a lawyer to fight for social justice, while doctors ensure good health; it should in totality enable an individual to love his country and facilitate fair rewards for their services.

Student’s role

Students will have to discover their mission in life and use the knowledge and skills they acquire to improve their nation, alongside the politician, the mother, musician, investor, artist, the teacher and the church man.

Success requires that individuals find and perfect their roles and obligations in nation-building for the benefit posterity.

Today’s student

Many of today’s students are under the illusion that society’s concerns are alien to their business, yet they would take pride in the benefits of its transformation. They are unconscious of their obligation to positively transform this country as they perceive education as a tool for individual liberation at society’s expense.

This type of outlook exalts wealth acquisition; it is harbored by the too-lazy-to-work individuals who think they are modern under and labour under the illusion that they are “westernized”. And while they may be taken for intelligent, very few of them look at their education as a means to improving society.

The writer is from FOWODE young leaders


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