The character of today’s student vis-à-vis the state and nature of Uganda’s’ education system

Students are predominated with the thinking that matters of society are none of their concern though they do take pride in the benefits of society’s transformation. They believe that the sole essence of their education is to liberate the individual self at the expense of the entire society and do not feel that they owe this country an obligation to work to make it better than they found it. Many especially those at the higher institutions of learning are often engaged in selfish selfless pursuits geared at attaining success through the short cuts. They are schemers and would like to associate with the affluent, wealthy and powerful even when the foundations to this success is extremely immoral.

The idea that it is the individual’s role to transform society – he who has gotten knowledge and skills is not something many do appreciate, they exalt wealth acquisition but are lazy to work, their pleasure is in rumor mongering, watching soap operas which majority fall prey by aping all they watch, they are preoccupied with movies that falsify the realities of life and for those that seem to be real to reality they hate and scorn, they call themselves ballistic, modern because they are westernized and have no real character of themselves beyond what they read, see and ape. In school they are simply passing through a process. They cram all that is given and when they store and reproduce, they are titled clever and intelligent yet very few look at their education as a means to improving society.

The education system on the other hand gives priority importance to storing of facts and memorization. It trains most students to be submissive in the guise of displine rather than being inquisitive and innovative. Those who risk to being inquisitive and innovative beyond the scope given for the exam rhetoric are the bad and indispline. Teachers here are wells of wisdom whose work is to impart knowledge to people perceived as ‘ignorant’. The system rather than encouraging creativity discourages it. Knowledge and learning is restricted to the classroom which is the reason why those who emerge as victors of the system have restricted scope of knowledge beyond that given within the classroom environments.

The system has no direct focus on enabling the individual discover his purpose in life which is a life of purpose, it is due to this that many who are within the system and those who are its products don’t know exactly how beneficial the system has been to them and how relevant it is to shaping the ideals they would stand for in life.


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