ReachUp! Alumni Forms CBO to Save His Community From Environment Degradation

ReachUp! Alumni Forms CBO to Save His Community From Environment Degradation

Uganda’s population explosion has not spared Mukono District just like many other urban areas in the country where management of solid waste including commercial, residential, and household (paper, polythene bags, bottles, kitchen wastes, plastics and medical refuse) has become a daunting task.  This had also become a major environmental issue of concern for residents of Kigombya-Mukono, something which prompted Wamala, a 19 year old to start making charcoal Briquettes. This was after attending DOT’s Signature Economic Program ReachUp! in May 2013, which opened Wamala’s eyes to a new world full of opportunities. 

IMG00655-20130729-1426.jpgWamala displays packed charcoal briquettes that are ready for sale

Wamala recalls moments of the Reachup Program, especially during the Opportunity Market place session where he learnt how to identify opportunities around him. With a strong passion for his environment and a conviction to make a difference after seeing the depletion of swamp forests in his area for fuel and other craft products that have significantly altered Mukono’s Wetlands, Wamala decided to mobilize fellow youth from Kigombya village to form “Mulungi Charcoal Briquettes Project” which makes biomass briquettes as pollution control strategy.

The briquettes are made from Biomass i.e. burnt and dried matooke peels, dry grass, paper waste and other dumped waste, which is compacted with cassava flour and clay. Wamala notes that one pack goes for 1000 Uganda shillings and is capable of cooking for 8 hours, hence making the briquettes four times better than the ordinary charcoal.