The Pain of Delivering a Life

The pain of Delivery. A story by Edward Echwalu

Edward Echwalu - Documentary Photographer


In the middle of our formal introductions, a midwife rushes, apologizing for ‘gate –crushing’ our meeting.

“Sr. Rosemary, we have an emergency. An expectant woman walking here to deliver has developed labour pains in the bush and can no longer walk the rest of the journey. So we have to go and evacuate her immediately.”02

“Natalina Natiyan , a first time mother got labour pains half way her journey to Nadunget Health Centre III, Moroto district. Midwives from Nadunget HCIII drove to pick her after failing to complete the 11km walk, when they were notified by a relative who ran ahead. She eventually delivered a baby boy an hour later.”

“Oh my,” Sr. Rosemary reacts denoting some kind of hitch.

In normal circumstances, I would have expected her to simply authorize that the ambulance depart straightway.

“Do you have a car?” Sr. Rosemary asks me. “Yes, it’s packed outside.” I…

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