UNFPA Executive Director (Dr. Babatunde) Interacts With Young People In Uganda


Social Media Messages from Family Planning Conference 2014

Sample Tweets and Facebook Posts

We want the unmet need for family planning in Uganda to drop to zero @SarahOpendi #FPConferenceUG #ASKSRH4YP

@BabatundeUNFPA No culture I know can condone the death of its young people through lack of access to SRH services #FPConferenceUG #askSRH4YP

@SarahOpendi: Our interest as government of Uganda is to ensure that we don’t see children born by chance but by choice #FPConferenceUG

As young people your health is in your hands, your future lies in the decisions you make today #FPConferenceUG @SarahOpendi @BabatundeUNFPA

@BabatundeUNFPA: I want to challenge each young person to reach out to 5 other young people and advocate for access to SRH services10325707_879260812103507_3146177035835500382_n

The present youth generation is the most connected; use these connections to drive SRH information and services #askSRH4YP #FPConferenceUG

@BabatundeUNFPA: “I would like to see young people more aggressive in accessing SRH info & services” #askSRH4YP #FPConferenceUG

@JothamMusinguzi: Leaders must be held accountable on the global stage to commitments they make to young people through @UNFPA and @BabatundeUNFPA

@SarahOpendi: Youth friendly SRH info & services needs to be scaled up in Uganda #askSRH4YP #FPConferenceUG

Young people need to be included in formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies that affect them #askSRH4YP

Family planning is key to the health of mothers, their children and the entire family #FPConferenceUG @SarahOpendi @UNFPAUganda

Family Planning should be positioned at the heart of national development because of its benefits #FPConferenceUG @SarahOpendi @UNFPAUganda

@SarahOpendi:“Conducting Maternal death audits can be a step in reducing the maternal mortality rate” #FPConferenceUG

Religious and cultural leaders should be involved in advocacy for family planning #FPConferenceUG

@KagutaMuseveni : There should be no confusion between population, economic growth and development #FPConferenceUG

@KagutaMuseveni: Communities need to understand the difference between #familyplanning and population control #FPConferenceUG

@KagutaMuseveni : Children should not grow like wild plants, they need to be well looked after #FPConferenceUG @UNFPAUganda

@KagutaMuseveni: Families are able to save and create wealth when they have planned births #FPConferenceUG

There is need to reduce the high dependency ratio brought by big number of people who can’t sustain themselves @KagutaMuseveni #FPConferenceUG

@BabatundeUNFPA: High mortality rate as well as high teenage pregnancy coupled with high school dropout rates is unacceptable #FPConferenceUG

It is well within our power to enable women make informed choices by making family planning service accessible @BabatundeUNFPA #FPConferenceUG

@KagutaMuseveni relaxes stand on family planning at #FPConferenceUG http://bit.ly/1uNK9X7 @UNFPAUganda


Watch @BabatundeUNFPA interacting with young people in Uganda http://bit.ly/1zBYuVu #askSRH4YP #FPConferenceUG

Young people request government to ensure free access to SRH services and information http://bit.ly/1rPWp3S #FPConferenceUG

@KagutaMuseveni has committed Uganda to reducing senseless deaths due to inaccessibility to family planning http://bit.ly/1tBodNq #FPConferenceUG


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“We want the unmet need in Uganda to drop to zero. At the Ministry of Health we will champion sexual reproductive health issues for young people. As young people your health is in your hands, your future lies in the decisions you make today. Our interest is to ensure that we do not see children being born in this country by chance but children being born by choice.” @SarahOpendi


UNFPA Executive Director (Dr. Babatunde), Hon. Sarah Opendi and Dr. Jotham Musinguzi discuss with young people how to make access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services a reality.


#askSRH4YP@BabatundeUNFPA: “The young people of this generation are the most connected!

I wish you could be more aggressive in your pursuit of sexual reproductive health information and services. I challenge every young person to make an effort to reach at least one other rural young person and advocate and insist for age appropriate sexuality education and access to SRH services.”

#askSRH4YP@BabatundeUNFPA: “No culture or society that I know of would condone the death of its young people through teenage pregnancy and other complications by denying them access to comprehensive sexuality education and sexual reproductive health services.”


#askSRH4YP interaction with @BabatundeUNFPA at #FPConferenceUG captured in pictures  http://bit.ly/1nYItVA  


Photo Stream Link: http://bit.ly/1nYItVA